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The Remarkable Skin Healing Power of Clay

clay mask

The Alitura Clay mask contains four different types of clay which thoroughly purify the skin at it’s deepest layers.

Today, I want to deep dive into exactly where these clays come from, the unique benefits they each provide, and exactly how they work to beautify your skin. The key element of why clay has such an amazing effect on the skin is its ability to draw out impurities, toxins, and heavy metals.

And this happens in a two-part process…

First is the adsorption phase. This is where toxins are mobilized and drawn to (i.e. stick to) the outside of clay particles. And this is possible because the outside surface of the clay particles carries a negative charge (-), attracting the typically positively charged (+) toxin or impurity particles.

The second phase of this process is the absorption phase, when the toxins and impurities are absorbed into the actual clay particles and become attached to the internal structure of the clay, like how a sponge absorbs water.

Very few other substances have this type of power, which is why clay is the feature ingredient in the Alitura Clay Mask.

The Four Featured Clays

The first type of clay in the Alitura Clay Mask, native to the Atlas Mountains of Morocco, is Rhassoul Clay.

The name “Rhassoul” derives from the Arabic word for washing, “Rhassala.”  Rhassoul absorbs impurities from the skin and hair and provides the skin and hair with important minerals such as silicon, Magnesium, iron, sodium, potassium, lithium, and other trace elements.

Recent studies have shown Rhassoul to be valuable in improving skin elasticity, unclogging pores, improving skin texture, reducing skin redness, and removing harmful, excess surface oils.

Next, let’s talks about Pyrophyllite Clay.

Pyrophyllite Clay is part of the smectite family of clays, meaning it has the property to swell in contact with water.

This is an important aspect of skincare because this clay doesn’t clump upon application, reducing the risk of irritation while cleansing.

Pyrophyllite clay contains 70% of the mineral silica which is vital in maintaining elasticity in your skin. Along with other trace minerals and angstrom elements, pyrophyllite clay has been used for centuries to instigate skin renewal and invigoration.

Also, pyrophyllite clay is rich electrolyte content which provides an abundance of free ions acting as antioxidants to the skin – a beautifying powerhouse.

The third type of clay in the Alitura Clay Mask is calcium bentonite clay (green desert clay).

Bentonite Clay is the most abundant of the clays and provides potent astringent properties that work to shrink and tighten inflamed pores. Bentonite clay’s effects on opening and purifying the skin’s pores are revered for their acne fighting effects and its ability to reduce redness in the skin.

Finally, the last type of clay we’ll talk about today is Kaolin Clay.

The use of kaolin clay originated from the Romans, Greeks and Chinese.  It contains many essential and phytonutrients that are beneficial in the anti-aging process.

Kaolin clay is the gentlest of ours clays. It isn’t over-drying and gently stimulates circulation to the area of application, which improves healing and provides nourishment for the skin

Other benefits of kaolin clay include its ability to remove dead skin cells and it’s disinfectant properties which help heal existing blemishes and prevent new ones.

Together, these four clays make up the perfect combination for a rejuvenating, purifying, and healing skincare treatment.

As you know, we advocate the use of other natural additions to the clay mask in order to make it’s beautifying effects even more effective.

This includes mixing the mask with apple cider vinegar and adding essential oils.

We would love to hear how you personally use the Alitura Clay Mask by leaving a comment in the comments section below.

That’s all for today.

Wishing you well in your pursuit of a healthy, vibrant existence,


18 thoughts on “The Remarkable Skin Healing Power of Clay

  1. Hi Kayla,
    I would try with Apple Cider Vinegar. That is surprising to me that you don’t see a difference. Please keep us posted. I love sea buckthorn and clary sage essential oils. Hope this helps!


  2. Hi Sally!
    The Night Cream is back in stock 🙂 Thank you so much for the kind words btw!

  3. Hi Andy! Just heard your podcast with Dave Asprey!! (I’m in the coach training catching up on many podcasts!!) Just started using the clay mask! – so far so good!! But when will you have more night cream?!! I’m eager to try. And thanks for such an inspiring story and product! Sally

  4. Hi Kayla, that is surprising but as we know, everyone has different skin and it is possible that yours isn’t reacting well to it. Apple Cider Vinegar absolutely turns up the Mask, as in indicates on the back of the jar. I would highly recommend using it, but take a day off or two in between. Hope this helps!


  5. I’ve been using the mask every night for almost two weeks. I don’t really see a difference. I have struggled with acne my whole life and was really hoping that this product would help. How long does it take to notice a difference. And is it okay to use every night. I just mix it with water but thinkin about doing it with ASV once a week

  6. Hi Donna! I recommend working your way up to 2-3 times a week at night. It is very stimulating.

  7. How often do you use this mask? I purchased it and need to know this,

  8. thank you so much!

  9. I had looked up Andy and watched a video of an interview. He gave some advice, long story short I took his advice. His advice was to use a product that he like from a COMPETITOR. So as I did, i used the products and they were unbelievable. This made me believe this his own product is much based on his recommendation. Andy’s Clay mask kicked the cr@p out of his competitors product. Alitura is LEGIT! ANDY HNILO IS LEGIT! BUY HIS PRODUCTS, YOU WILL NOT BE DISAPPOINTEND!

  10. Hi Karen,
    This is great feedback. We will look into using more paper in our packaging. However, the bubble wrap and foam padding are very important in protecting our precious glass. I will look into this further though and I hope you like the results from the mask and moisturizer! I recommend using Ozonated olive oil, sea buckthorn and clary sage oils to add a little skin nourishment to the mask 🙂


  11. Just tried the mask for the first time. My skin is dry and sensitive so I’m pretty red which is a side effect of the ACV as I’ve had the same reaction to other masks. Drinking Bulletproof coffee as I wait the moisturizer to settle things down. Impressed with the quick receipt of the order. Only question is why all the plastic packaging material? I’d love to see you using the paper wrap I get so many products in. It cushions even glass containers just fine and is better for the environment.

  12. Hi Rachel!
    I love pure aloe vera. From the live plant, you can find it at Sprouts or maybe even Home Depot. Try Manuka Honey as well. Hope this helps!


  13. Thank you so much Mary Ann! i appreciate you!


  14. Andy,

    Caught your interview with Dave on BulletProof Radio the other day – great job! I love your products and…. am I crazy or does the night cream smell like chocolate? My 57 year old skin is loving the mask and my skin is glowing and looking great if I may say so. Do you test your products out on your mom as well? Keep up the good work,, it is appreciated. Mary Ann

  15. I recently cut off the very top part of my finger (just skin) but am trying to figure out if there is something I can do topically to speed up the healing process. I just listened to your interview on bulletproof radio and was wondering if your products are something that could help? And if so which ones you might recommend. Thanks so much!

  16. Thank you for educating the consumer on our product. I love this mask and have been using it for the last six months or so. I will continue to use it and I am grateful that you care about the purity of the ingredients.. I appreciate that you inform the consumerof the benefits of each ingredient and the origin.. say YES to ALITURA!!!!

  17. Hi Andy!

    Love that you are writing informative articles now. We all love to be educated to the max on what we are using on our beautiful bodies everyday! Thanks for doing that and being transparent.

  18. This was an awesome article! Thanks for taking the time to explain the clay ingredients in your mask! I feel good knowing what ingredients I put on my face!

    Dr. Sandra

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