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The Best Herbs for Your Skin

herbs for skinherbs for skin

Glowing, healthy skin is a goal for many and it isn’t necessarily a vain one. Healthy skin is often a reflection of strong, healthy organs and overall good health. Additionally, the skin is an important organ in the body, which protects our internal organs from the outside world.

However, most of us have been misled on the path to optimal skin wellness. Rather than supporting the health of our internal organs, we have often been sold on chemically manufactured, synthetic “beauty” products that have ended up causing more harm than help.

So, if your goal is peak skin wellness, then we highly suggest dropping these harmful products and using an isolated approach to improving your skin. You can do so by leading a natural and holistic life, one which includes a whole foods diet, great sleep, exercise and when it comes to beauty products, choosing natural options such as the use of herbs.

There are tens of thousands of herbs on the planet that have been used for medicinal and therapeutic purposes. Of the many uses, beautifying and healing the skin is just one function that plants have.

Below are some of the best herbs for improving the health of your skin and some of our personal favorites.

The Best Herbs for Your Skin

Basil – Also referred to as Holy Basil, this edible and culinary herb is a renowned adaptogen. Taken internally, it can help improve your endocrine system’s, balance, and your nervous system’s ability to overcome stress. This will result in healthier and age-less skin, considering that stress is a primary cause of inflammatory skin disorders.

Topically, basil is a superior astringent than alcohol and benzoyl peroxide, with the plus that it won’t dehydrate your skin! Basil also helps detoxify the skin and cleanse it with natural antiseptic properties. Basil also has anti-inflammatory properties, so it can reduce the likelihood of conditions like acne. To use it topically, simply crush leads and apply as a paste, or use basil essential oil in a carrier oil like almond oil.


Lavender – This aromatic herb helps calm the senses and relax the nervous system when consumed or inhaled (aromatherapy), which will have positive benefits on overall skin immune function. Additionally, lavender is an anti-inflammatory, so it helps cool, calm, and sooth irritated skin.


Furthermore, lavender has antimicrobial and antioxidant properties, which help inhibit bacterial inflammation, infections, and oxidative damage that can age the skin. Lavender is also great for promoting the healing process to remedy cuts and scrapes.

German Chamomile – This fragrant and aromatic flower is a wonderful herb for cleansing the skin when used topically. Taken internally, it also promotes the health of the skin. It contains alpha-bisabolol, which is known to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles by inhibiting oxidative damage caused by inflammation. Applied topically or taken internally, chamomile is definitely a great herb for anyone who desires great skin.

Geranium – Geranium is a great herb for eliminating blackheads, which are often caused by overproduction of sebum, likely from stress and a toxic overload – geranium helps to regulate sebum production. Additionally, it is a great herb for promoting longevity and graceful aging with its high antioxidant content. Geranium has also been proven to possess strong anti-inflammatory properties, which can prevent a long list of skin problems, including acne, eczema, psoriasis and more. 1

Schizandra – One of the quintessential herbs of Chinese Medicine, Schizandra, promotes beautiful, radiant skin by purifying the blood (the life-force of the skin). Schizandra, has bitter and astringent properties that help to detoxify the liver, which ensures that the liver will produce clean blood.

It is common knowledge in TCM that the liver is a primary organ responsible for healthy skin; so any herb that promotes liver health, is a great herb for promoting clean, healthy, and beautiful skin. When it comes to herbs for protecting, detoxifying, and nourishing the blood and skin, Schizandra is one of the greatest of all time.

Aloe Vera – Known as the “plant of immortality” Aloe vera is perhaps the king of herbs for skin health. Aloe works wonders both internally and externally. Internally, it provides the gut with an incredible list of prebiotic, immunomodulation polysaccharides that help improve the immune system on a cellular level. It improves the core systems involved in good skin health, including digestive function and all the digestive organs.

aloe vera

Applied to the skin, aloe works like magic to deeply moisturize the skin, provide a smooth protective barrier, and instantly cool cuts, wounds, acne and inflammation. It contains many beneficial enzymes that help cleanse away dead skin and bacterial cells, giving you a luxurious spa treatment that can be done in your home within 5 minutes.

You will also notice overnight renewal of the skin, due to the strong anti-microbial properties in aloe, which kill inflammatory bacteria. Aloe is also rich in essential nutrients to rebuild the skin, including hyaluronic acid (found in the Alitura Night Cream), sulfur, silica, amino acids and vitamin C (used in the Alitura Clay Mask) and E. There is truly no other plant quite like aloe vera when it comes to achieving healthy, gorgeous skin! Check out the Alitura Moisturizer which uses Aloe Vera as a primary ingredient. To learn much more about the benefits of aloe vera, be sure to read this previous post.

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