Before / After

Julia, before-after
Julia, 22
Mark, before-after
Mark, 34

“By far this mask, moisturizer is the BEST I’ve EVER used!! And I’ve tried a lot of stuff out there! A MUST try!

B. Gandara
Holistic Esthetician

“There are so many beauty products out there and this one is so worth the purchase! I get hormonal acne, combination skin, and a few deep acne scars. Alitura naturals has improved my skins vibrancy and texture 10 fold. I am so impressed by the purity of ingredients as well. I will always have this mask in my medicine cabinet 🙂

Brittany M

“I just wanted to let you know that the products are amazing. My face never looked better and I’m not a young man. Andy inspires me with his attitude, fitness regimen, and diet. Thanks so much.”

Steve B

“Clay mask is superior to anything else I’ve tried. Apple cider vinegar smell is reduced and skin even softer if you add 5-10 drops lavender oil. Highly recommended product and ethical company A+”

Noreen T

“I am a licensed Esthetician and this Alitura clay mask is incredible! As a pre-treatment, it makes extractions a breeze while leaving the skin looking great. It is incredibly easy to adjust it for different skin types depending on what you use as a liquid. Truly works for all skin types and all skin conditions. The immediate and long term glow is quite amazing!

Pamela V
Licensed Esthetician

“Powerhouse moisturizer that my makeup doesn’t slide off of. The night cream is heavy yet still feels clean and my skin looks terrific in the morning. I am not typically a “loyal” customer of any skincare line. I have tried so, so many. This is the best. Period. I won’t use anything else.”

Lori W

“Just bought my second bottle of your moisturizer. My skin looks better than it ever has. The moisturizer is by far the best value for the return on any facial product I have ever tried. Thank you so much for what you do!


“The moisturizer smells great and feels great on my skin. I’ve noticed some of my age spots getting lighter since I have been using the product. I have used it in the evening, and my skin still feels hydrated in the morning. Wonderful product!

Deb Z

“There is no other moisturizer that works as well as Alitura. Combined with the face mask, the lotion will meet and go beyond any expectations. It’s a health product for that not only softens your skin, but gives it that great healthy glow you’ve been looking for. I can’t live without it”


“I use the night cream day and night. It is fantastic and the best product I have ever found for my redhead skin. I even find the color of the cream works as a bit of cover up in the morning. I’m very pale so most people wouldn’t even see the little bit of tint on themselves.. Thank you for this great, natural product. My skin has never looked or felt better.

Tina R