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Hypothyroidism & Skin Cancer Link: Tips for Naturally Preventing Skin Cancer

Cases of malignant melanoma, a serious form of skin cancer, have been steadily increasing. According to conventional knowledge, the top risk factors for skin cancer are genetics, skin type (fairer skin), excessive sun exposure, and hereditary (family history of skin cancer). Most of these factors are short-sighted. At worst, they are fate-driven, meaning there isn’t much you can do to…

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The Harmful Beauty Effects of Estrogen

In an earlier post, we talked all about the damaging effects of stress hormone cortisol. In this post, we will focus on the harmful beauty effects of estrogen, another stress hormone. Hormones & The Endocrine System One of the most important factors involved in determining either healthy or unhealthy skin is the endocrine system. Most skin diseases, including the accelerated…

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