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Speaking with Ben Austin about living a life with Intent!

Hi Folks,

Today I’m honored to be interviewing Andy Hnilo. He is a model for Oakley, Speedo, and Coppertone in addition to being an actor on Days of our lives and HBO’s Hello Ladies. He’s also a Former D1 athlete (turned down a pro-baseball contract when he landed a role on Days of our Lives), ambassador for the Bulletproof Exec and owner of Alitura Naturals. His dedication to nutrition, health and body is unparalleled. Most people just talk about how healthy they are. Andy lives that dream (Unapologetically).

I was first introduced to Andy while listening to an episode of the BulletProof Exec podcast (see below). Immediately, I was blown away by Andy’s commitment to his health, willpower and passion for life.

I got a chance to speak with him about his story and journey into the holistic alternative health scene. His story is remarkable and he literally gave me the chills, when we were talking.

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