The Alitura Razor



The Alitura Razor

Shave like Royalty with the durable brass Alitura Razor. For both men and women. A sleek, stylish restoration of an old classic, this Double-Edged, Long Handled Razor is a timeless member of any personal grooming kit. The Double-Edged razor style is superior for a simple fact: it provides the closest possible shave without the harsh environmental plastic waste that is so common in most disposable razors. Lighter pressure on the skin results in a lower risk of shaving wounds (skin nicks), irritation (razor burn), and ingrown hairs.



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The Alitura Razor

The classic appearance and durability of the brass Alitura Razor makes it a perfect fit for both women and men of all ages. Whether you’re tackling your first shave or if you are a seasoned daily shaver, this Double-Edged design generously offers the most comfortable and close shave of your life.

The Alitura Razor shaves with astonishing precision, and the only piece you’ll ever need to replace is the blade!

About the Product:

  • Double-Edged Advantage: Shaving with a Double-Edged Safety Razor dramatically reduces skin irritation that regular razors leave behind.
  • Environmentally Friendly: 10-15 uses per side, great value, and less harmful to the environment, all without expensive replacement heads.
  • Classic, Stylish, Sturdy Design: Made of premium, high-end materials with a beautiful finish for a sophisticated look that’s built to last.
  • Smooth, Sharp Blades: Literally wipes the hair follicle off without any pulling or tugging that can cause skin irritation. Allows you to control when you wish to replace the blade. Simply unscrew the head and replace with fresh blade when needed.
  • Comfortable, Easy Grip: Textured and contoured for control, the long-handle design offers a natural grip for maximum precision and a more detailed shave.


Colors: Metallic Silver or Obsidian

Weight: 3.5 oz

Height: 4 inches

Box: Sleek design, perfect for home use and travel. Magnetic snap-shut closure for optimal storage.

(Each Kit comes with 5 Premium Stainless Steel Gillette Blades)

*Disclaimer: Statements contained herein have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat and cure, or prevent disease. Please be careful when using for the first time. Begin shaving only after applying your favorite shaving balm/cream to allow for optimal stroke of razor blade.


Assembling Your Razor
After removing your Razor from box & packaging:
  1. Unscrew Razor head by holding handle in one hand and head in the other, then twisting counter clockwise.
  2. Separate Razor head pieces.
  3. Insert your favorite single-edge safety razor blade between razor head components.
  4. Re-assemble Razor head and screw clockwise back into brass handle.