Wellness Mama Father’s Day Package

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The Wellness Mama Father’s Day Package includes:
1 – The Alitura Gold Serum (50 ml)
1 – Santal Black (100 ml)
1 – Alitura Revitalize (60 capsules)
1 – The Alitura Razor (silver or obsidian)

guaranteed30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

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The Alitura Gold Serum – 1.7oz (50ml):  Improves Skin Collagen and Reduces Wrinkles. Organic and Anti-Aging Regenerative Cream with Plant-Derived Vitamin A, Essential Oils and Botanicals
The long-awaited Alitura Gold Serum is here, ready to take your skin from lackluster to luminous with the synergy of nature and the latest in cutting-edge science. A vital addition to any skincare routine, its regenerative ingredients will truly give you that “lit from within” glow. This high-performance serum works beautifully alone or in conjunction with all offerings in the Alitura product family, preserving the skin’s authentic beauty and supporting a graceful aging experience. Standing above the rest, this dynamic elixir will please and pamper the most discerning of product connoisseurs.

Santal Black – 3.40z (100ml):  The Best All-Purpose Skin & Body Oil 
Designed to ignite the senses, Santal Black is a unique and multifaceted skin and body oil. The intoxicating aroma is a Divine blend of both Indian and Australian Sandalwood, with the subtle spice of organic black pepper rounded out with a sweet whisper of Madagascar Vanilla. Perfect for a uniquely nourishing everyday fragrance or to provide optimal skin hydration for the whole body, this addictive skin elixir of botanical extracts and essential oils will keep you asking for more.

Alitura Revitalize – 60 capsules:  Adaptogenic Herbal Supplement
In our timeless pursuit of pure health and vibrant existence, we’ve handpicked the most powerful adaptogenic herbs on earth, to create our first herbal supplement – Alitura Revitalize. The super herbs in Revitalize have been used around the world for thousands of years, and continue to have the ability to play impactful roles in our fast-paced, modern lives. I find that the Revitalize pill not only helps maximize my intense training regimen, but helps me fly through the challenges that both my body and mind encounter on a daily basis. I couldn’t be more proud to introduce Alitura Revitalize. Let vitality rule your day, too.

The Alitura Razor – Silver or Obsidian:  Durable Brass Razor
A sleek, stylish restoration of an old classic, this Double-Edged, Long Handled Razor is a timeless member of any personal grooming kit. The Double-Edged razor style is superior for a simple fact: it provides the closest possible shave without the harsh environmental plastic waste that is so common in most disposable razors. Lighter pressure on the skin results in a lower risk of shaving wounds (skin nicks), irritation (razor burn), and ingrown hairs.