Real World Paleo Podcast

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We’re back with Episode 33 of the Real World Paleo Podcast. Christine interviews model and actor Andy Hnilo about his journey to creating his skin care line Alitura Naturals made with organic and natural ingredients. We talk about his lifestyle before and after the serious car accident (he was a pedestrian struck by 2 cars)that broke his jaw and 7 ribs and left him with scars and other physical problems that could have easily ended his career. Instead, he accelerated his recovery by finding and consuming the best Paleo nutrients and creating his signature clay mask with antioxidants and superfoods. He was inspired to create his company Alitura Naturals and other skincare products. He’s now branching into other healthy products.


2:00 Andy’s modeling and acting career
7:28 What Andy’s life was like before the 2011 accident and his baseball career
9:14 What Andy eats and intermittent fasting
19:11 What happened after the car accident and motivated him to recover
26:34 What did to recover and get back to modeling and acting
28:00 Why and how he created a clay mask that accelerated his skin healing
34:19 Being a healthy role model for other actors and models
39:35 Ingredients in the clay mask, how they’re sourced and his passion for creating pure healthy products
46:29 Does the mask help with scars, inflammation, and other skin problems?
49:19 What’s the best facial routine?
53:18 What ingredients are in the moisturizer and night cream?
55:30 Wearing less make-up and radiating health
57:48 Andy’s work-out routine and yoga
61:19 Skincare outreach to baseball players