Paleo Magazine Radio – Abs, Organ Meats, And (Manly) Skincare with Andy Hnilo

On today’s episode we welcome Andy Hnilo. Andy is a model, actor, former professional athlete, and founder of a skin care company, Alitura Naturals. Andy is the kind of guy that when you see him, you think, “What is this guy eating? How does he work out and what is his skin care regiment?” Your skin is your largest organ and we often let it soak up toxic chemicals when it could be soaking up healthy, clean ingredients. Today we learn more about the process that goes into making Andy’s Aliture skin care products — which contain food-grade super foods like colostrum, royal jelly, and even Chaga mushrooms. Today we hear Andy’s incredible story, talk all about marketing to men, organ meat, and even hanging upside down. For any guys out there thinking, “Skin care isn’t really important to me,” Andy explains, with the help of a UFC fighter, why we should all be taking care of our skin. Take a listen!

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Key Points From This Episode:

  • What does Alitura mean and stand for?
  • The accident that propelled Andy’s passion for natural nutrition.
  • Being the alpha and eating your organ meat!
  • The ingredients used in Alitura and why you can eat them too.
  • Marketing skin care products to men.
  • Sponsoring a UFC fighter. “Manly” enough?
  • The inevitability of ageing.
  • Do you know what’s in your perfume?
  • Andy’s key skin care tips and personal routine.
  • Why there’s no shame in hanging upside down.
  • The therapy of working out.
  • And much more!


“I get so much more out of it by constructing products from scratch. One by one, ingredient by ingredient.” — @andyhnilo [0:07:28.1]

“Whether it’s my product or someone else’s, just really be aware of your ingredients.” — @andyhnilo [0:21:50.1]

“It was a little uncomfortable at first, admitting that I was doing a mask every other day.” — @andyhnilo [0:24:48.1]

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