Date With Destiny & The Power of Forgiveness: Dawn Watson

Pain is inevitable but suffering is optional” When I first saw my guest on the Tony Robbins Documentary “I’m Not Your Guru,” I knew I had to get her on the show.  Today I’m honored and excited to have Dawn Watson with me, someone who I admire for the strength, courage, and vulnerability she has shown throughout her life. Many of you will recognize her from the Tony Robbins documentary, as her incredible story brought many to tears, including Tony himself.  Dawn was born in Sao Paulo Brazil into a cult known as the “Children of God.”  Completely secluded from the realities of normal society, everything she learned and knew to be in the world lived behind the closed doors of their big homes, communes filled with people from all over the world. Her family consisted of thousands of uncles, aunties, brothers and sisters that all followed and obeyed one man, their prophet, whom they named “Father” and for us children, “Grandfather”.  He believed and taught that women were to express their freedom and love through sexuality, which turned to be a very dark experience. For Dawn, the thought of “who am I am” and “what do I want to do with my life” was non-existent for many years. You were a product of the cult and that was that. But towards her later teen years, something within kept saying this way of living was wrong and there was something more to life, and she wanted that—At age 18 she left the cult for good. And from there her true journey began, understanding who she was and what she was put on earth to do. Today Dawn and I discus many details around her upbringing and personal journey including; what it took to be at the Tony Robbins event (how much she sacrificed), how she was almost kicked out of the Tony Robbins Seminar, her struggles with self expression and asking permission, recovering from past trauma, the power of forgiveness, her experience leaving the cult, her new career & upcoming book, and so much more. I hope you enjoy the show with this very special and amazing human being! Learn more at   “Forgiveness is the process of emptying so that there is space for love