Biohack Your Beauty Podcast |  How to Heal and Beautify Your Skin with Andy Hnilo

Biohack your beauty podcast
Biohack your beauty podcast

Biohacker extraordinaire and skin care guru Andy Nhilo joins us on the Biohack Your Beauty Podcast to share his most powerful skincare secrets and to tell the story of how a car accident left him knocking on death’s door. With a collapsed lung, seven broken ribs and a severe compound fracture in his jaw, which was broken in five places, Andy used his own blend of ingredients to heal his face, skin, and body.

As a dedicated and disciplined biohacker, Andy has done tons of research and experimentation on increasing cell turnover, fading scaring and optimal nutrition for skin health and anti-aging. His effective and natural line of skin care, Alitura Naturals, is now in its fourth year of making waves in the natural and mainstream beauty world, and shows no signs of slowing down.

It turns out Andy is from the same Bay Area crowd that I used to run with in high school, so we hit it off right of the bat. Andy’s incredible story and his vast knowledge is sure to give you so much information, you will want to take notes during this episode for sure!


Some of the things we discuss during this episode include:

How a horrific accident left Andy with a collapsed lung, seven broken ribs and a severe compound fracture in his jaw

What Andy did to regenerate his skin and heal the scarring on his face and body

What nutrition and supplements Andy used to heal his body externally and internally

What concepts did Andy use when formulating his own skin healing system?

What his male friends thought when Andy began testing out his skincare on them

What is the magic combination for having healthy skin?

How having his jaw wired shut made Andy create a highly nutrient dense liquid diet to create the best blood flow and highest potency smoothies.

What powerful and unusual ingredients Andy added to his smoothies to accelerate the recovery of his body, and why he included deer placenta and bison liver.

What supplements and tinctures does Andy take in addition to his nutrient dense diet?

What beauty biohacking methods are included in Andy’s morning ritual

What fitness regimen is optimal for biohacking beauty and anti-aging?

How does fermented foods make vegetables more bioavailable?

Why should you eat more salt and what type is optimal?

How perfumes and colognes might be aging you more rapidly and harming your health

What three potentially aging products Andy would remove from your bathroom

What type of meat Andy stays away from

What type of water does Andy prefer?

What is the biohacking and anti-aging power of red light therapy?

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