Beyond Wellness Radio – Creating optimal skin and body with Andy Hnilo

Dr. Justin Marchegiani and Andy Hnilo engage in a very informative discussion about skin care, scar healing and recovery. Know about the natural ingredients found in Alitura Skin Care line and be informed about the products it offers.

Learn about how Andy Hnilo came up with his clay mask and gain some valuable information about his healthy routine, past and present experiences as an athlete and model which contributed to his success. Gain some very helpful insights about his lifestyle and the natural food supplements and ingredients that he uses for a healthy and glowing skin.

Andy Hnilo

In this episode, we cover:

06:55 Natural Ingredients for scar healing and recovery

11:57 Micro needling and laser resurfacing

16:59 Skin Health and Gut connection

27:51 Acne Issues

34:30 Plant Stem Cells