Ben Greenfield Fitness – Deer Placenta Smoothies, Smearing Colostrum On Your Face, How To Use A Clay Mask & Much More

It has been quite a ride for me. I woke up in an ICU hospital bed on the night of March 20th, 2011 and realized I had been struck by a series of large vehicles while crossing a busy street. I had a collapsed lung, seven broken ribs and a severe compound fracture of my jaw, which was broken in five places…

…thus begins the story of Andy Hnilo – a man who came knocking on my front door several weeks ago with this amazing story and a box full of exactly what he used to attack his injuries from the inside and outside, and the most critical tool he used to heal his broke and bloodied face and skin: a hand-crafted blend of unique, specialized ingredients from around the world, which he formulated himself.








In today’s podcast, you’ll discover Andy’s story, and also learn:

-How Andy repaired his entire face after being hit by a car…[7:15]

-Why Andy began to drink smoothies made out of deer placenta…[14:30]

-What clay does for your face, and why Andy chose the clays that he chose…[31:50]

-Why you should use something called a “derma-roller” on your face (and Ben’s special biohack he uses for collagen production)…[41:20]

-A deep dive into the ingredients Andy includes in his products, including Freshwater Pearl Powder, L-Ascorbic Acid (Vitamin C), First 6 Hours Grass-Fed Colostrum, American Ginseng, Green Desert Clay and Organic Kelp Powder…[43:30 & 47:35]

-Andy’s go-to supplements and foods, including egg yolks, fermented vegetables and grass-fed butter…[53:05]

-And much more…

Watch Ben learn all about an Alitura Skin Care Regime: