Athlete 2 Entrepreneur Podcast

Click Here To Listen to Harness The Inspiration to Begin Your Own Venture | An Interview with Andy Hnilo

Ever wonder what happens to athletes after they leave the field? On this episode of Athletes to Entrepreneurs, Brandon Williams interviews former D1 baseball player, Andy Hnilo, whose decision to move to LA and turn down a pro contract unexpectedly led to the events that would position Andy for the entrepreneurial adventure of a lifetime.

Creating a natural skincare product line wasn’t something Andy had ever envisioned himself doing, but like most ventures, necessity is the mother of invention. It was only after a life-threatening car accident left his face in serious need of some TLC that Andy began experimenting with the natural remedies that would eventually become Alitura Naturals. Tune in to learn how listening to your gut, following your dreams, and using what you know can help you become your own boss.

In this episode, you will…

  • Uncover how positivity, kindness, and tenacity are key to making any goal come to fruition
  • Hear how the skills required to be an athlete aren’t that different from the skills you need to be an entrepreneur
  • Discover and harness the inspiration to begin your own venture, using what you already know and love
  • Learn why creating routines for yourself and practicing discipline is just as important as dreaming big