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Pearl Powder: The Secret Beauty Tonic for Healthy Skin and Much More

pearl powderpearl powder

Pearl is one of the greatest secrets utilized by the exceptionally beautiful women of the Orient. Also known as margarita, this is a Shen enhancing, Heart and Liver tonic that has been used in Traditional Chinese Medicine for many reasons including healthy skin.

Most may have never thought of using pearl powder as a nutritive supplement; however, the Chinese have utilized its beautifying benefits for quite some time. Usually consumed in the form of an incredibly fine powder, pearl is a powerhouse of dozens of important amino acids as well as many beautifying minerals, including calcium, magnesium, zinc, iron, strontium, copper, selenium, silicon, and titanium. Best of all, these precious nutrients are easily assimilated and utilized by the body, providing a wide range of beauty support, especially to the skin.


Traditional Benefits

Pearls have a fabulous reputation in China as both a beauty tonic as well as a Shen tonic, meaning it helps increase spiritual energy when consumed, which you could say is the root of true beauty. Additionally, it is a tonic to the Heart and Liver.

According to ancient text, pearl powder is said to relieve a heavy heart, resulting in beauty and carefreeness of spirit. It also possesses physiological qualities which relieve inflammation (also known as toxic heat in TCM), which results in bright eyes, clear skin and a robust circulatory system that will nourish the skin.

Also, pearl clears the Liver of toxic heat. The liver is considered the “seat of emotion” and it is in the Liver where toxic emotions are can be stored, which when accumulated leads to poor Liver function, especially hormonal imbalance. In TCM, the Liver is also considered to rule the quality of the skin. By clearing away toxic heat from the liver; in the form of either inflammation or even repressed toxic emotion, the skin benefits in many ways. Considering that inflammation and hormonal imbalance are two primary causes of skin problems, pearl helps promote healthier, glowing skin at the root cause.


As a Beauty Tonic

Pearl is incomparable as a nutritional supplement; it contains the biologically active constituents necessary for glowing, healthy skin. It is rich in fundamental and unique minerals, it contains 8 essential amino acids as well as unique co-factors unlike any other substance that makes it a truly exceptional anti-aging, beauty tonic.

For example, pearl powder contains elements which help prevent the development of melanin, a compound that leads to pigmentation issues, freckles, liver spots, and dark patches on the skin. It prevents aged-looking skin in other ways, primarily by promoting the regeneration of new skin cells and elastin that prevents wrinkles and supports a smooth, pearl complexion – quite literally. These properties come from its rare ability to produce SOD activity (the most potent antioxidant in the body) in addition to some of its phytonutrients.

There are several factors of Pearl that aid DNA and RNA metabolic actions, that promote overall cell renewal but especially of the skin. It contains one special constituent known as mucopolysaccharides, which are known to prevent wrinkles when consumed or used topically.

With continual use of pearl, it is reported that blemishes, acne, and other signs of aging greatly diminish. The use of pearl will ensure the integrity and splendor of youthful skin and may even potentially reverse oxidative damage done to aged skin. Because of its special antioxidant activity, it will protect the skin from the ravages of stress.

At Alitura Naturals, we are proud to offer a significant amount of pearl powder in the Alitura Clay Mask. It is one of several ingredients that distinguishes the mask from the competition and makes it in our opinion, the best clay mask in the market. And it is an example of how Alitura develops its products with little regard to costs. Instead selecting the most effective natural ingredients throughout the globe.


The Cost of Beauty

If you ever come across a high-quality pearl powder, you may notice it comes with a price. However, that price is undoubtable justified. There are generally two types of pearl in nature; larger pearls and younger, smaller pearl. Higher quality pearl products used in tonic herbalism are derived from the small, young pearls, which are exceptionally rare and potent. Because of their size and texture, they are more easily ground and are more readily absorbed into the body. These types of pearls are expensive, ranging between $100-1000 per ounce!

Some use cultivated pearls because of the rarity and cost of natural pearls. Also, the larger pearls are much more difficult to grind into the necessary fine powder. However, over recent years, new technology has allowed larger, cultivated pearls to be “hydrolyzed”. This process can make the larger, cultivated pearl almost entirely bioavailable (98%). This not only benefits the planet, bringing down harvest of young pearl, but helps bring down the cost of otherwise rare, pearl products. Still, the best pearl usually is costly because it is utilizing nature’s finest.

In conclusion, a quality pearl is usually quite pricey but certainly worth the price.

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