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One of Andy’s High Nutrition Meals


I’m not going to be winning any food-plating competitions anytime soon but let’s focus on the important part, the nutrition.  When I want to give my digestive system a break after eating a lot of meat or fish protein, I will go with softer protein, like eggs, for a few days. I really believe (barring any allergies or food sensitivity issues) that pasture raised – organic eggs should be categorized as a superfood. As you will notice below, the yolks are still intact by cooking them sunny side up. This retains the great fatty acid composition and mineral content and preserving the vital nutrients that good pastured egg yolks contain. Pasture raised eggs have been proven to have MUCH higher nutrient density than non pastured eggs, and I also like the fact that the chickens get to do their thing and roam freely.  Vital Farms out of Austin, Texas is a great brand. The good thing is that their brand is expanding and you can find them in many chain grocery stores like Ralphs, Vons and Safeway. This meal below completely covers everything that I need in a full spectrum nutrition profile.




Total cost: $7/2 servings = $3.50 for a powerhouse, pristine meal of functional nutrition.

Total prep time: 20 minutes

Check it out below..

-6 eggs (I down 3 of the raw yolks, then cook the others sunny side up
-1 large organic yam (thinly sliced and steam seared in 3 cloves of organic garlic, organic cayenne, organic cumin and grass fed butter)
Fermented Guacamole mash
-1 large organic avocado
-1/3 cup Pickled Planet Organic Sauerkraut Beat Kraut
-1/3 cup FarmhouseCulture smoked jalapeño kraut
-Tbs. Oh Brother Habanero hot sauce
Tons of organic cayenne
Mash with fork.

One of my favorite meals. Ate this yesterday at 2 and I was on fire until 9pm.

4 thoughts on “One of Andy’s High Nutrition Meals

  1. Right on! -Andy

  2. Can’t say I’ve ever tried this recipe! Seems completely different to the standard Australian nutritional ‘good’ breakfast I’m used to (whether that’s a shake, eggs or other). Will have to try and source these ingredients and give this a crack!

  3. Me too!

  4. This sounds amazing! I post alot of food pics that are not beautiful, but the food is nutrient dense and delicious and that’s what matters. I love eggs with sauerkraut and guac.

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