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Foods for the Skin: Andy Hnilo’s Go-To Meal

Needless to say, diet plays a major part in skin health and can either make or break your path to great skin. This is why we should incorporate as many nutrient-dense ‘foods for the skin’ into our diet as we can.

In the video below, Andy Hnilo cooks up his go-to ‘skin food’ meal. Made up sweet potatoes and beets, pastured eggs, and a nutrient-packed avocado mash, it is full of great foods for the skin!

Making the Meal

Steamed and Seared Beets & Sweet Potatoes

1. Slice the beets and sweet potatoes into fine slices. This helps them cook up quick.

2. Steam sear them in grass-fed butter, ideally using a seasoned cast iron pan.

3. Add a pinch of cayenne and Himalayan salt.

4. Cover the pan and keep on medium heat until cooked.

Nutrition tip: With a high nitric oxide content, beets are great for circulation.

Cooking Tip: It is highly recommended that you get a cast iron pan and properly season it. There is a lot of bad cooking ware out there, which actually introduce chemicals and toxins to the food you are cooking. Be very aware of the non-stick pans that release toxins!

Pastured eggs

1. Cook the eggs and spice with Himalayan salt, hot sauce (O’ Brothers Organic Habanero is a go-to!), and Ethiopian Berbere spice.

Nutrition Tip: For the daring, separate the yokes to consume raw. They are full of good omega fats, choline, and good saturated fats to help with testosterone production. Cholesterol is actually a building block in testosterone production, which both men and women need to balance hormones.

Guacamole-Avocado Mash

What you’ll need: broccoli sprouts, avocado for vitamin B and good fats, spirulina, olive oil, avocado, beet kraut, and hot sauce.

Instructions: Add all of the ingredients into a bowl and mash together.

Nutrition tip:  Broccoli sprouts arguably have the most nutrient content of all plant sprouts. Check out Dr. Rhonda Patrick’s explanation of the benefits of sulforaphane in broccoli sprouts, which is a very potent nutrient for the body and loaded with good benefits. Between broccoli, alfalfa, and daikon radish sprouts, you should use as many sprouts as you can.

Bonus nutrition tip: It’s really underrated, but spirulina adds a cool flavor to dishes and has unbelievable benefits. Spirulina contains a ton of good micronutrients, Vitamins A, C, K, B12, glutamine, sodium alginate, and stimulates the production of various stem cells.

There you have it! A meal full of nutrient-dense foods for the skin, complete with fermented foods, good fats, and nutritious vegetables.

Do you have a favorite ‘skin food meal’ or ingredient? We would love to hear some of your go-to foods for glowing skin in the comments below!

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