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DIY Hair Mask Recipe: Naturally Condition & Lighten Your Hair

One of Andy Hnilo’s secrets to healthy hair is his favorite DIY hair mask, which moisturizes, smooths, brightens and conditions the hair follicle. Watch the video below to hear about its full benefits and scroll down to see the after picture!

 Andy’s DIY hair mask includes:

Alitura Moisturizer 
-Organic Ceylon Cinnamon
-Wildcrafted Andiroba Butter
-Wildcrafted Montana YewTip Oil
-Organic Olive Oil


Definitely lightened up!

Tip: You may need a couple rinses of Dr. Bronner’s Peppermint Oil soap.

Let us know if it works for you! And feel free to share any of your own DIY mask recipes in the comments below.

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4 thoughts on “DIY Hair Mask Recipe: Naturally Condition & Lighten Your Hair

  1. I looked on Amazon and could not find all the ingredients. Where can I find the andiroba butter and YewTip oil? Also, what are the ratios? Thank you!

  2. Yes, great points! Thank you for sharing.

  3. The best way to understand the importance of the health of your scalp is by looking at it as if it were exposed skin which you can see, such as your hands, face or body. Scalp problems bear a similarity to the dermatological problems that arise on the face and on the body. Just like your hands, your scalp may also be too dry or too greasy, or too itchy.

  4. Where do you get the Andiroba butter, and YewTip oil ?

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