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Andy Talks Intermittent Fasting & Fueling Up After an Intense Workout with Optimal Post-Workout Meals

Intermittent FastingIntermittent Fasting

Post-workout meals are extremely important to your recovery and gains. If you’re hitting the gym but struggling to see results, odds are your diet is to blame. Andy discusses the best way to fuel up after a workout including:

  • Eating within 30-45 minutes of a workout
  • Refueling your depleted minerals & electrolytes
  • The recipe for a quick meal packed with nutrients and good fats
  • Supplements and powders you can add to boost your results & speed up recovery
  • Foods and supplements that fight stress & cortisol to keep your body & mind in tip-top shape for your next workout.

Check out the video below!

Andy also shares an excellent nutritious all-encompassing recipe for breaking your intermittent fast. Learn the benefits of intermittent fasting, the how-to, and what to eat & avoid. Also, a few updates on the Alitura Fragrance & Cleanser that will be coming soon!

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