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12 Skin-Care Gurus Reveal the Products They Can’t Live Without – Reader’s Digest


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Want a dewy, glowy, youthful complexion?  We asked the creators of cult classic beauty products about the products they rely on to achieve a flawless face.

Shannon Drake, founder of The Dirt

“My number one can’t-live-without-it product is The Dirt’s Dirty Balm lip moisturizer. This little stick goes a long way. With amazing natural ingredients like organic cocoa butter and vitamin-rich ghee, it actually heals and moisturizes my lips long after it has worn off. I also use Dirty Balm on my cuticles, dry patches, or anywhere that could use a little TLC. Chock-full of therapeutic-grade essential oils, it’s a one-stop-shop for soothing thirsty skin, and I have at least one stick in every bag I own.

Dirty balm

“I think every woman spends her life looking for a great clay mask. I know I’ve tried hundreds of them, but none seemed to do much besides dry my skin out. That is until I found Alitura. Alitura’s Clay Mask combines amazing out-of-the-box ingredients like colostrum and freshwater pearl. I mix mine with a touch of apple cider vinegar for a mini acid peel effect. It leaves your skin glowing and rejuvenated.” (Here’s how to find the right face mask for your skin type.)

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  1. I hope you are as excited as Ingrid and I are. We are looking forward to a fun night with healthy treats for our body and skin. You will go home with a smile on your face, glowing skin, a gift bag of Essentique products, and lots of fun photos to post on facebook and Instagram!

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