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Andy Hnilo visits Dave Asprey of Bulletproof to Plan the Future of Alitura

Late in Summer 2013 I reached out to Bulletproof Executive CEO, Dave
Asprey, in hopes of landing a job with his company. I didn’t know his
email address so I found the general email in the Contact section of the
Bulletproof site and troubleshooted it by coming up with as many
different combinations as I could, based on his name. Of course they all
bounced back with errors… except for one. What followed was a
conference call which led to me becoming a Bulletproof Ambassador, which
in turn led to our first podcast on Bulletproof. That podcast allowed me
to share my story with the hopes of helping others embrace conscious
nutrition, which was so effective in my recovery. We received a
wonderful response from that podcast, as Bulletproof Radio is a top
rated Podcast on iTunes, which resulted in my partnership with Dave, who
helped provide the funding to start Alitura Naturals… and the rest is history.

Recently, I hopped on a flight to Victoria, BC to visit Dave at his home
in order to plan the future of Alitura and discuss taking our company to
the next level! In doing so, we went over specific product marketing
strategies which we’re already working to implement! It is an exciting
time for us here in Southern California as we have almost finalized our
product line and will be shifting focus to expanding our reach. We truly
believe we have something special here and we are so excited share it
with all of you. Thank you so much for your continued support! Stay tuned!

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